Four Great Options for Keeping your Grocery Shopping Simple

You have started following the Simple Fat Burn method, or just simply decided to try to eat healthier. You have started buying more organic food and avoid a lot of foods that are processed. The good news is that you are feeling better and are starting to see increases in your energy level and your mood. The challenge is that you don’t always know what to buy or where to buy it.

You are not alone. We have all faced those challenges when we make those kinds of changes in our lives. There are a lot of unhealthy, highly-processed convenient options out there. It’s easy and takes no time at all to just run through a drive through. But you have discovered that the food that you get doesn’t make you feel as good as when you eat whole, nutritious foods.

I have to admit, over the years I have become picky about what I am willing to put in my body. I’ve become a virtual food snob. I’ve come to realize that my health, my own energy and at times event my sanity can rest on the quality and quantity of the food I put in my body. When I eat poor quality food, I don’t feel good, my energy crashes and I know I must make better choices.

But how do you make sure you are getting nutritious foods and still making time for all of the other activities that your busy life requires? One of your best options is to take advantage of what is available in your local markets. Many of your local stores have great organic, whole food and prepared food options that can help you keep your busy schedule and still eat healthy.

Also, remember to delegate when you can. If you have teenage children, there is no time like the present to teach them about healthy food choices. Sending them to buy the groceries is a great way to help teach meal planning, budgeting and frankly, self-control.

I often delegate the grocery shopping to my son or my assistant. Small jobs can and should be delegated if you have a lot going on. We have to eat and the best way to continue to eat healthy is to make sure you have lots of healthy options at your disposal.

Here are my picks for my favorite local stores.


I always look for organic foods, and Publix is the closest store to my house. Their Greenwise selection is awesome and reasonably priced. I usually buy my chicken, steak, sausage and anything I find that looks like a good lean cut of organic meat. Publix also has a nice selection of organic fruits, vegetables and dry goods. If you have special dietary requirements such as sensitivity to gluten, you can also find a number of gluten-free options there.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is my number two pick. It is close to my home and I can grab a quick meal from their prepared food section. The salad bar and hot bar are my fast food. I can grab lunch and pick up a few groceries to get me through. You don’t need to buy a huge cart full of processed food, just a couple of small bags of quality meats, fish, and vegetables. I also LOVE the olive bar at Whole Foods.


Earthfare is my most recent find for organic, whole food options. I fell in love with the store at the moment that I first experienced it – the process, the organic selection and the friendly, down to earth staff. The feel of the store is much more down to earth than Whole Foods Market. It’s not quite as convenient to me as Publix and Whole Foods, but I have enjoyed shopping there so much that I am willing to drive the extra few miles. That says a lot! As a nice bonus, they give out $10 coupons off your next shopping trip within the next week if you spend $80. I am pretty sure that will be happening very soon!

Kroger (with some caution)

Kroger is probably my last pick, but they do have an organic section with some relatively good prices on items such as Applegate frozen sausage and organic eggs. I will caution you to be careful of how they mark their organic aisle. Some items at the end of the aisle may not be organic, but use green packaging to make you believe they are high quality and low process. It ruffles my feathers that we continue to trick consumers into eating grain fed, GMO products and make them think they are getting great deals on good products. Bottom line, read the packaging to make sure you know what you are getting.

I hope you enjoyed my grocery shopping strategy and stay tuned for the next blog. Please add comments and let us know what other topics can help you with your Simple Fat Burn journey. Thank you!